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High Brand
luxuy brand sales


Various categories
product sourcing


Customized sales by
SNS concept

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Online shop

Choose the product
you want and sell it
at your own online shop.

Validated Products

Professional MD picked products
in various categories,
such as house goods, nutrition,
beauty, and fashion.

Exclusive goods

Overseas products that
you can't easily find anywhere
can be sold at a special price in damda.

Differentiated product planning and revenue systems

Brand and sellers can communicate directly to plan the product composition and set sales commission.

Convenient management

Check real-time sales details and sales commissions, product source and manage on PC and mobile.

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With damda,
You can generate
a variety of revenue.
To selling products, damda stars can work with brand that want to promote products to build SNS content marketing and branding together.

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How to make online shop

Search product


Import to my shop


Promote/Sell the products


Ask to damda

Q: How can I apply for damda STAR?

A: You can apply for damda STAR by scanning the QR code below or clicking on the link.
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Q: How long does it take to approve damda STAR?

A: After applying for damda STAR, the approval period will be about 2-3 business days.
If you have any questions, please contact damda Customer Center at cs@damda.com(cs@damda.com).

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